January 16, 2009, 7:30 pm

Mathias Renner
Manuel Scheiwiller

as part of

The Night Of The Wild Cannibals

presented by Lodypop, New Jerseyy, Showroom, and Vrits, at Kunsthalle Basel

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Additional Information (German)

Die Ausstellungsräume Lodypop, New Jerseyy, Showroom und Vrits präsentieren:

Marcel Forrer
Used Future
Alexander Hempel
Hotcha & The Teenage Lesbians From Hell
Mathias Renner
Manuel Scheiwiller
Liliane Zumkemi

19.30–02.00 Performance The Night of The Wild Cannibals von Manuel Scheiwiller u. v. m.
19.40 Performance von Liliane Zumkemi
21.30 Performance von Marcel Forrer
00.00 Diskussionsrunde mit Alexander Hempel und Used Future
00.30 Konzert von Hotcha & The Teenage Lesbians from Hell


Mathias Renner, installation and set design for The Night of The Wild Cannibals

Manuel Scheiwiller, performance during The Night of The Wild Cannibals

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