May 11, 2009, 8 pm

New Jerseyy
Free Duty Free Bar

+ Presentation
at Annen Etage
St. Olavsgt. 32, Oslo

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Press Release (English)

We later civilizations . . . we too know that we are mortal.

We had long heard tell of whole worlds that had vanished, of empires sunk without a trace, gone down with all their men and all their machines into the unexplorable depths of the centuries, with their gods and their laws, their academies and their sciences pure and applied, their grammars and their dictionaries, their Classics, their Romantics, and their Symbolists, their critics and the critics of their critics. . . . We were aware that the visible earth is made of ashes, and that ashes signify something. Through the obscure depths of history we could make out the phantoms of great ships laden with riches and intellect; we could not count them. But the disasters that had sent them down were, after all, none of our affair...Skål!

Posted by: anon26132
skål also comes from the english word skull ..because the vikings used to drink from the skulls from the enemies in scotland. they used the munks heads "skull" to drink mead they raised the skulls and shouted skåååål ..because they had poor english accents ..skull .. so there u go...skål!!!

The documentation shown at Åpent Forum, featuring a speach as narration written by Daniel Baumann and Michael Riedel for "When Kittens Become Cats", Frankfurter Kunstverein, October 8, 2008, read by Mathis Altmann

The narration translated to Norwegian (Google-Translation)
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The translation re-read by Klaus, commissioned by Michael Riedel
alt : files/norwegisch.mp3

The presentation at Åpent Forum, Oslo National Academy of the Arts

The bar

The duty