June 25, 2008, 7 pm

New Jerseyy
Cinema N° 1

Cocksucker Blues

Robert Frank, 1972, 95', color, sound (no video release)
with Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts,
Bill Wyman, Mick Taylor, Danny Seymour, Bianca Jagger,
Tina Turner, Truman Capote, Stevie Wonder, Andy Warhol,
Dick Cavett, Terry Southern, Princess Radziwell,
Cynthia Jones, various groupies, roadies and scalpers.

Due to technical difficulties, the screening could not take place.

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Some Scenes

1) A groupie shoots up heroin. 2) Mick Jagger tries out a video camera and discusses the firing of the tour security man "Leroy". 3) Tour security man "Leroy" argues with groupies in a hotel corridor. 4) A sound technician of the tour entourage shoots up heroin. 5) Charlie Watts watches a painkiller commercial. 6) Keith Richards and Bobby Keys throw a tv set over the hotel balcony. 7) Heroin-addicted members of the Rolling Stones tour entourage discuss the goods and the bads of a cocaine addiction. 8) In a hotel room Keith Richards apparently receives a heroin shot from a groupie, who is part of the tour entourage. 9) A drugged Keith Richards passes out in the dressing room of a concert hall, while Mick Jagger is talking business with Atlantic's Ahmet Ertegun. 10) In another hotel room Keith Richards muses upon the then state of the Swiss rock scene.

The film was never released due to a court order, after the Rolling Stones had sued director Robert Frank to prevent the release of the movie.